UAE visit visa rates
(subject to change without notice ) you are adviced to re check with us on +91 9995011999
Normal Visas ( with insurance )
Dt from  03 11 202148 Hrs Transit Rs.1500.00
96 Hrs Single entry Rs.2100.00
30 Days Dubai Visa Rs.6000.00
30 Days UAE Instant Visa-(within 2 hours) Rs.13500.00
30 Days Dubai Visa- Child with parent Rs.900.00
|30 Days AUH Visa (Single) Rs.6650.00
30 Days AUH Visa (Family) Rs.6250.00
30 Days AUH Visa- Child with parent Rs.1400.00
90 Days Dubai Visa Rs.13700.00
90 Days UAE Instant Visa-(within 2 hours) Rs.21500.00
90 Days Dubai Visa – Child with parent Rs.1500.00
90 Days AUH Visa (Single) Rs.14250.00
90 Days AUH Visa (Family) Rs.13850.00
90 Days AUH Visa – Child with parent Rs.1900.00
Sultanate of Oman
10 Days Oman Visa (With Out Insurance) Rs.1800.00
30 Days Oman Visa (With Out Insurance) Rs.4950.00
30 Days Oman Extension (With Out Insurance)Rs.4950.00